Name Type Description Allowed Values Default
width string Sets the maximum width for each track valid width value e.g. 500px 100%
height string / int Sets the height for each pen. Value without px or % 0-9999 81
color string Color play button and other controls. e.g. “#0066CC” Valid HEX Value with # #ff5500
auto_play boolean Start playing the item automatically true, false false
hide_related boolean Show/Hide related tracks true, false false
show_comments boolean Whether the player displays timed comments true, false true
show_user boolean Show/Hide the uploader name true, false true
show_reposts boolean Show/Hide reposts true, false false
show_teaser boolean Show/Hide the teaser of a track true, false true
visual boolean Show/Hide the image of a track true, false true
single_active boolean If set to false the multiple players on the page won’t toggle each other off when playing true, false true

Set custom height

To change the height for one embed (e.g. you want to show a profile or a playlist), you can use the following syntax inside your markdown file: