Name Type Description Allowed Values Default
codemirror integer Use CodeMirror editor instead of Monaco (decreases embed size significantly). 0, 1 0
editorsize integer Size in percentage of editor. 50, 100 50
eslint integer Use eslint (increases embed size significantly). 0, 1 0
expanddevtools integer Start with the devtools (console) open. 0, 1 0
fontsize integer Font size of editor in px 14, 20 14
forcerefresh integer Force a full refresh of frame after every edit. 0, 1 0
hidenavigation integer Hide the navigation bar of the preview. 0, 1 0
moduleview integer Evaluate the file that is open in the editor. 0, 1 0
previewwindow string Which preview window to open by default console, tests, browser browser
runonclick integer Only load the preview when the user says so. 0, 1 0
verticallayout integer Whether to show the editor and preview vertically. 0, 1 0
view string Which view to open by default split, editor, preview split

Additional URL Options

You can overwrite all defined global options per embed. The following options are only available as query parameter.

Name Type Description Allowed Values Default
highlights integer Which lines to highlight (only works in CodeMirror) 0, 1 0
initialpath string Which url to initially load in address bar /, /src /
module string Which module to open by default. Multiple paths comma separated are allowed, in that case we show them as tabs path to module (starting with /) entry path